Honoring Civilians of Armed Conflict on World Humanitarian Day

Today, August 19, marks World Humanitarian Day. This day focuses greater attention on civilians affected by armed conflicts and pays tribute to aid workers around the world.

world humanitarian day, children, armed conflict, planet aid

In many areas of the world, conflict is taking a massive toll on people’s lives. Millions are displaced from their homes and forced to hide or, while children are taken out of school and families and communities torn apart. Children, migrants, journalists, and aid workers often become victims due to the dangerous and difficult environments.

The Impact

Ninety percent of war casualties in the past 40 years have been civilians.  As for those who work in these environments, in 2016 alone, 91 aid workers were killed, 88 were injured, and 73 were kidnapped in the line of duty. The majority of these attacks took place in South Sudan, Afghanistan, Syria, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Somalia, all of which are homes to some of the most dangerous current ongoing conflicts.

world humanitarian day, children, armed conflict, planet aid

Endangering aid workers threatens humanitarian operations and the lives of millions of people who rely on humanitarian assistance for their survival. Without humanitarian operations, millions of civilian lives are at risk because they depend on these operations for disaster relief, including food, water, safety, shelter, and much more.

What You Can Do

In order to stand up to the endangerment of civilians and humanitarian workers in armed conflicts, the United Nations is urging people to sign a petition to bring global attention to this cause.

world humanitarian day, children, armed conflict, planet aid

The hope is that this petition will put pressure on world leaders to take action against this violence.

Planet Aid would also like to use this day to recognize its staff who contribute to helping save and improve lives of those living in developing communities. 

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