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José Delgado is the operations manager for Planet Aid in Rochester, New York. José started with Planet Aid in June of 2013, and originally applied as a driver. Due to his previous experience in management, he was hired as the transportation manager and then took over as operations manager.

Community is the number one priority for José and he brings this passion into his work. “I love what Planet Aid does,” he said. “Traveling around my community and meeting local business owners is my favorite part of the job.”

José and his family are deeply and personally connected with the growing Puerto Rican community in Rochester. He, along with his wife Angelica, were instrumental in creating Planet Aid’s partnership with IBERO and are key in hosting the annual coat giveaway each year. “I am so appreciative that Planet Aid provides me the opportunity to coordinate this,” José said. “It allows me to give back to my own community.”

Pamela Pine is a Partnership Specialist at Planet Aid, focused on reaching out to and cultivating relationships with corporate and foundation donors. Working out of the Elkridge, Maryland office, Pamela identifies the countries and programs that mesh well with a specific donor’s focus, and then strategizes with Planet Aid and country staff to see the project funding to fruition.

Pamela has a PhD in international public health communication and two master’s degrees, one in international affairs and the other in public health, stacked on top of her 40 years of global development experience. She spent close to a decade in her early career working overseas, then continued her work in international health and development from the United States.

When she’s not traveling, she’ll be found networking or writing up proposals for continued funding. “I like to be productive. To think. To strategize. To have an impact,” she said. “But it’s the people and outcomes for them that have always been the draw for me.”

Pamela started with Planet Aid in 2015 upon “understanding more about Planet Aid’s approach to development: building capacity in people and communities to drive change,” she said. “I would never have a job that wouldn’t have an impact on people’s lives—that didn’t better people’s lives. That’s just how I’m built. The work Planet Aid does and my contribution to the end goals are important to the world and important to me.”


Louise Godek started with Planet Aid over ten years ago in 2007. She has a history in accounting and works as the accounts receivable clerk at the Planet Aid corporate office in Milford, Massachusetts. She ensures that all the shipments made to buyers are properly aggregated and accounted for, working closely with a broker.

During her tenure with the company, Louise has had the opportunity to see the immense growth of Planet Aid. “When I started, the office was tiny and attached to a small warehouse. We’ve definitely grown as a company and that’s mirrored through the Milford office.”

In 2013, Planet Aid opened its newly renovated Milford warehouse; and in September of 2017, the solar array atop the Milford warehouse went live.

Louise recently received her 10-year service award, one of her fondest memories of her time with Planet Aid. She said that she’s stayed with the organization for many reasons: “The work itself is enjoyable, I get along well with coworkers, and I like my supervisors. If I have an idea, I can bring it to them to see about implementation. It’s casual and open. Can I just say that I love it here?”



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