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Kim Roth
is Planet Aid’s corporate human resources manager. Her responsibilities include: policy implementation, training and development, recruiting, retention management, and performance management. Clearly, Kim’s primary focus is on Planet Aid staff. She meets with employees in their offices or in the warehouses at Planet Aid's various locations.

Kim has over 25 years of human resources management experience, and is certified as a senior professional by the Society of Human Resources Management. Before Planet Aid, Kim worked for a global hotel company that helped broaden her international experience.

Kim joined the Planet Aid team in July 2018. She greatly enjoys helping employees and managers excel in their roles every day. “My favorite part of being a Planet Aid employee is being a part of an organization that works to bring about worldwide environmental and social progress,” she said.

Carlton Samuels
has been driving a Planet Aid truck for over 10 years. Based out of Ohio, he collects and transports thousands of pounds of donated textiles each year. It is critical to the Planet Aid system that collection bins are unloaded regularly and the contents are delivered to an operations center. There the donations are weighed, packed, and shipped out. Carlton’s dedication ensures this process continues seamlessly.

As a veteran driver, Carlton helps train new staff. He reassures them that driving for Planet Aid is steady work with plenty to do. “Most people don’t realize the amount of donations Planet Aid gets on a regular basis.”

Carlton is happy that his work helps prevent waste and assists those in less-developed countries. “I’m doing something that enables me to take care of my family,” he said, “but I’m also helping those in need.”

Delyse Lawless 
is the partnership specialist and proposal writer in Planet Aid's Partnership Office. She is responsible for connecting with and building relationships with potential donors in the private sector, including companies, corporate partners, and foundations.

Delyse started with Planet Aid in December of 2018, and brings with her a number of unique experiences. She spent time in Thailand teaching English, and in Liberia working with vulnerable women and children. She also has a background in education—one of Planet Aid’s focus areas—and taught communications and public speaking at universities in the States after earning her Master’s degree and a certificate in pedagogy.

“I really like that Planet Aid is doing their part to try to reduce waste on the planet,” Delyse said. She also appreciates that Planet Aid is part of a larger team, specifically the Humana People to People Federation. “I like the concept of Humana People to People, where a giant network of collaboration is empowering local NGOs to be more capable of competing with large NGOs.”

Ron Allen
is the regional manager for Planet Aid’s mid-Atlantic region, which includes New Jersey, Delaware, New York, Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, West Virginia, and North Carolina. Ron makes sure that all aspects of textile collection and shipping run smoothly at the four warehouse locations in the region. With nearly 6,300 bins under his purview that bring in nearly 33 million pounds per year, Ron has a lot on his plate.

Though relatively new to Planet Aid, Ron has a long track record managing complex logistics and warehouse distribution, and his experience in environmental recycling makes him a great addition to the Planet Aid operations team.

“I work with a great group of people dedicated to helping others less fortunate than themselves,” he said. “That end result, doing what we do to help others, inspires my work.”

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