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The New Minimalism: How to Marie Kondo Your Wardrobe
How to Give Your Old Clothes a New and Purposeful Life
How to Sell, Donate or Recycle Your Stuff
Recycle It Right: Plastic Bags And Beyond
How to Get Rid of All Your Unwanted Stuff
Cleaning Craze Brings Ripples to Region
Coat Giveaway Preps Those in Need for Rochester Winter
University Student Strives to Ease Campus Commerce
Students, Office of Sustainability work toward zero waste
A Conversation with 2018 GovCon Award Finalist Erik Wittreich
Fill the Truck Clothing Drive for Breast Cancer Awareness
Many Charities Specialize in Getting The Most Good Out of Certain Kinds of Clothing
State Inmates Get Head Start on Second Chance by Refurbishing Bins You See Throughout N.E. Ohio
Dover Downs Celebrates Recycling
Where Can I Donate Clothes Near Westwood?
7 Sustainable Ways to Get Rid of Bras and Underwear
10 Easy Ways to Help Save the Planet
Spring Cleaning in Philly: Where to Donate Your Stuff so it Helps Others
Perception vs. Reality: The Circular Economy
State Inmates Get Head Start on Second Chance
University of Rochester Annual Move-out Collection Results
Dover Downs Celebrates Recycling

Dover Downs Expands Recycling Efforts

WasteNot: Clothes and Shoes Don't Belong in the Landfill

Saving the Planet, One T-Shirt at a Time

Textile Waste in the U.S.

Clothing Habits and the Environmental Epidemic

Sustainable Ways to Recycle Your Old Clothes

Top 10 Recycling Countries From Around the World

Murray: Encouraging Business to Invest in Renewable Energy (MetroWest)

Murray: Encouraging Businesses to Invest in Renewable Energy (Milford Daily News)

Simple Steps to End Global Poverty

15 Things You Should Get Rid of Now for a Cleaner, Calmer Home

Philadelphia Community: How You Can Give Back And Get Involved

Trash Tutorial: Give Dry, Odorless Textiles New Life
Learning to Read in Their Mother Tongue...
Strengthening Literacy in Mozambique: An Interview with Dr. Paula Green
Planet Aid Goes Solar on Milford, Massachusetts, Facility
Planet Aid Installs 539-kilowatt Milford Solar Array
Planet Aid to Unveil Solar Array
How To Become A Minimalist, Based On Your Personality Type
3 Key Conversations from the US-Africa Business Summit
Your Ultimate Guide to Donating Used Items
19 Things You Should Throw Away Immediately
Russian Pros are Learning from U.S. Waste & Recycling Techniques
Top Ten Recycling Countries from Around the World
Calvert County Recycling Award
Give Your Old Clothes to Charity, and Help Save the Planet
Never Do Laundry Again?  Sign Me Up!
In Competition for your Used Clothes, Maryland Nonprofits Take Divergent Paths
America Recycles Day Should be Everyday
A Path Appears: Actions for a Better World (caption)
A Clean, Well-Watered Place: Meeting Essential Needs to Improve Enrollment and Attendance
Catonsville Thrift Center Off to Good Start in 5 Months
Planet Aid Makes Baltimore Site of First Retail Store
Catonsville Plaza Shopping Center gets a New Owner
Tips to Spring Green Your Closet and Make Money
Welcome Planet Aid as a New Green Schools Sponsor
GreenSpace: Graduating from Disposal to Recycled Clothes
Naval Academy Midshipmen Donate 566 Pairs of Shoes to Planet Aid
Video: Recycling in Any Way, Shape or (Uni)form
Give Old Tired Clothing New Life
Cleveland Works to Keep Homeless out of the Cold
Where to Donate Used or Old Clothes to Charity
Where to Donate Used Clothing in Philly
What to do with an Old Pair of Shoes?
Should I Put My Old Clothes in Those Bins?  Dirt Magazine
Primary School Teacher Upile in Malawi Helps Students Realize Their Dreams
Eastern Market Cobbler Renews Christmas Donation Drive
JetBlue Recycles Used Uniforms, Saves 18.5 Tons of Fabric From Landfills
DRC Student Realizes her Dream of Becoming Primary School Teacher
Saving the World One Shirt at a Time
Cleveland Works to Keep Homeless Out of the Cold
Coat Giveaway in Pittsburgh
Planet Aid Opens in Milford
The Second Hand Bazaar-dirt magazine (NJ)
When Your Clothes Die, They Become Earth-Devouring Zombie Clothes -
Can Businesses Hit the Grand Slam for Education?
Spring Cleaning Alert: We Know Where Old Clothes Go to Die—and the Numbers Will Shock You 
Aiding the Planet - Port of Baltimore magazine  (pdf)
Planet Aid Cooperates with Watertown (MA) Investigation
Clothes Recycling Goes Curbside as Demand Rises
Give Tired Old Boring Clothing a New Life and Get Karma Points
Howard County's Bounty Heads Overseas with Help from Bill


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Regulatory Coverage

New Regulations for Outdoor Donation Bins in 2016
State Starts Regulating Clothing Bins
New Regulations for Donation Drop-Off Boxes Adopted
Regulations are Established for Donation Boxes
Laurel City Takes 'Second Stab' at Regulating Donation Bins
Lawsuit Over Donation Bins in St John Settled