International Training and Capacity Building


In 2015, Jose Pardo and Dinorah Vences signed up to learn the basics of nonprofit management under the guidance of established Planet Aid employees at the company’s headquarters. This training program seeks to foster talent from developing countries, giving young professionals the opportunity to develop skills that will help them change the world. 

The pair was first exposed to the work that Planet Aid supports while completing a separate training program for development professionals in 2014. Dinorah, 28, decided to enroll after completing law school in her native Mexico, wanting to do hands-on development work in the field. Jose, 26, originally from Colombia, joined after hearing good things from a friend who was participating in the program. As part of their training, they spent time in Mozambique working with Planet Aid’s HIV/AIDS project, Total Control of the Epidemic (TCE). Their main task was to establish 10 to 20 libraries full of books on HIV/AIDS, other health issues, and women’s empowerment. They set them up in community gathering places—schools, businesses, offices, even hair salons—so that locals could easily access the literature. 

Wanting to build on this charitable work, Jose and Dinorah chose to undertake Planet Aid’s training program. They have since contributed to the day-to-day operations of the Planet Aid Thrift Center, helped establish Donation Centers, assisted in the development of an indoor bin system, and learned about accounting and database management.

"It has been a great experience to be part of the training program," said Jose. "I have learned many skills that I think will help me in the future."

They will finish their training in November 2016 and from there will continue to use their talents to better the planet.

“I really enjoy being part of the trainee program at Planet Aid," said Dinorah. "This experience has made me realize that I definitely want to continue working in the same area.”


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