Saving the Planet One Mile at a Time

Transportation is one of the largest sources of global warming emissions. According to the EPA, transportation—including fossil fuels burned for road, rail, air, and marine transportation—accounts for 14 percent of global greenhouse emissions. Transportation is something that most people use in their everyday lives, whether traveling to work, school, business trips, visiting relatives, etc. In the United States, cars and trucks account for one-fifth (20 percent) of all U.S. emissions.

Most new cars are being built to get better gas milage and to be all-around more environmentally friendly, but you may wonder what you can do to reduce your transportation footprint if you have an older vehicle and don't have plans to purchase a new one in the near future.

Select Car Leasing, a leading specialist in car and van leasing in the U.K., created an infographic to guide those that have older cars but still wish to reduce their footprint.

Saving The Planet One Mile At A Time
Saving The Planet One Mile At A Time by SELECT CAR LEASING.

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