Welcome to the Planet Aid blog.

As we update, we aim to take you around the world of development and share with you the essence of our mission.

On EcoMondays the blog will have an environmental focus, discussing what Planet Aid and other organizations are doing to protect the natural habitat. The theme will include local and global initiatives, practical application of sustainable ideas and projects; all in the spirit of reduce, reuse & recycle.

International Development Wednesdays will tackle the topics that most affect the developing world.  From global pandemics to locally adapted responses, we will share insights on the issues.

Fieldnote Fridays will highlight personal insights from the frontline of development. Meet the beneficiaries, volunteers and staff, of the projects we support and hear their stories, straight from the heart.

At Planet Aid we deal with local and global community development both in theory and practice. You will read about recycling efforts that save usable clothes and shoes from ending up in already crowded landfills. You will read about sustainable development aid with a heart.  There will be notes from the field, from around the world and from our local manager-in-training programs.  

We hope to share positive messages from around the world of international development and environmental protection and recycling. Let us know what you want to read about!

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