Child Aid

Two pre-schoolers in MozambiqueThe Child Aid program works with the whole community to improve living conditions and increase the odds of children growing up healthy, attending school and fulfilling their potential.

Your donation will provide a family in a developing country with the materials or services they need to make a better life for themselves and their children. Operating a Child Aid project costs only $50 per participating family per year. Below are some more examples of how your gift can make a difference:

$25 buys:
  • Materials needed to start a kindergarten playground.
  • Materials to start a family backyard garden.
  • Vaccines for five children.
$50 buys:
  • 10 mosquito nets for vulnerable children.
  • One family's pass-on livestock program with 2 goats or 1 piglet.
  • Materials to establish a school garden with 5 varieties of vegetables.
$100 buys:
  • A ventilated brick latrine for a family.
  • One year of primary school for 3 children.
  • A grinder for producing peanut butter as a means of income generation.
$250 buys:
  • Development and production of basic health and hygiene materials for 25 households.
  • Woodlot with 25,000 trees.
  • Buying a sewing machine for a youth or women’s club or an HIV/AIDS support group.
$500 buys:
  • A 60 ft. water well and provides a hand-operated water pump to supply 5 families with clean and safe water.
  • A latrine and a clean water source with a hand-operated pump for a pre-school.