Farmers' Clubs

Farmers’ Clubs is a three- five year sustainable farming program that helps small farmers improve their cultivation methods, increase conservation of resources, and obtain higher yields and greater income.  Through the formation of clubs and cooperatives, farmers learn to solve common problems together as well as improve their margins by working collaboratively to buy inputs and deliver their crops to market.

Creating a Farmers' Club and providing the requisite training and materials costs $150 per participating farmer per year. Below are some more examples of how your gift can make a difference:

$25 buys:
  • A basic set of farming tools for a needy family.
  • Materials to establish a backyard garden.
  • A one-day workshop for 50 farmers to learn new production methods.
$50 buys:
  • 2 goats and 1 piglet to start a pass-on livestock program.
  • 1/2 hectare of sweet potato or cassava seedlings.
  • 2 day production planning workshop for 50 farmers.
$100 buys:
  • Seed and fertilizer for 1/4 hectare of corn or other crops for a family.
  • Organization of an agricultural demonstration event for 500 farmers
$250 buys:
  • Seed and fertilizer for starting a cash crop production on 1/4 hectare.
  • Establishment of a tree nursery to supply 50 farmers with seedlings for a woodlot (fruit trees and nitrogen fixing trees for inter-cropping).
$500 buys:
  • Establishment of a demonstration garden with an accompanying 60-foot deep well with a hand-operated pump.
  • Conservation farming equipment for 50 farmers.
  •  A library with books on farming and general topics for a farming community.