International Human Solidarity Day

The United Nations General Assembly calls "solidarity" one of the fundamental and universal values that should underlie relations between peoples in the Twenty-first century. What is solidarity? Simply put, it is what binds people together as one.  International Human Solidarity Day is a day to pause and reflect as well as celebrate our common union on this earth, and strive to improve our universal condition.

"We all have a role in overcoming today’s economic, political, environmental and social challenges, and we must all share the costs and benefits of sustainable development according to needs and ability.  This is the essence of justice, fairness and equity.  It is the meaning of solidarity."
—UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon

The principles of solidarity are reflected in the UN's Millennium Declaration. The Declaration  asserts that every individual has the right to dignity, freedom, equality, and a basic standard of living that includes freedom from hunger and violence and an attitude of tolerance and solidarity. The Millennium Development Goals set concrete targets and indicators for poverty reduction in order to achieve the rights set forth in the Declaration. See this inspiring video about the MDGs.


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