International Teacher Training Website Launched

Planet Aid is proud to sponsor a newly launched website that focuses on training primary school teachers in developing countries.  The training program itself is called “DNS Teacher Training,” and the website describes the methodology and background, while also highlighting news and events about activities in each of the countries where the program is being implemented. 

DNS Teacher Training is helping to create a new generation of quality educators and community leaders that are inspiring youngsters and helping them to learn to read and write. The new teachers are also mobilizing parents and entire villages toward changing the conditions of their lives through community development. 

Click on the image to get to our teacher training site to read about the southern Africa bus odyssey.

Today, there are still nearly 61 million children who do not attend school. Nearly 70% of these children live in sub-Saharan Africa and south and west Asia. Approximately 40% live in conflict-affected or fragile states and are at higher risk of being marginalized and caught in an endless cycle of poverty and violence.

Planet Aid is firm in its belief that education is the cornerstone of  all development, and a strong supporter of the DNS program.   We invite you to peruse the new website to find out more.

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