Food for Knowledge


Planet Aid’s Food for Knowledge (FFK) Project, launched in 2012 in Mozambique, addresses a multiplicity of factors to create momentum in the Mozambican educational sector to improve learning outcomes as well as achieve program ownership. The project is implemented in cooperation with ADPP Mozambique, the World Initiative for Soy in Human Health, Cambridge Education, and the Government of Mozambique.

Since June 2013, Planet Aid has shipped and served over 55 million meals of fortified corn-soy blend (CSB+) provided by American farmers to 86,000 primary school children in Maputo Province. The meals have served to directly raise lagging school attendance rates at participating schools by providing a tangible incentive for children to attend class.

With more children attending school more regularly, the program is focusing on removing barriers hindering the acquisition of basic skills, specifically reading, and to improve the quality of education in the classroom.

Working in close cooperation with the Mozambique Ministry of Education and Human Development and Planet Aid’s partners, ADPP Mozambique and Cambridge Education, the Planet Aid program has developed and is delivering a flagship early-grade reading intervention that is improving literacy levels of primary school children. 

Finally, the program is providing certified training of primary school teachers nationwide through ADPP Mozambique’s network of colleges, with substantial cost-share contributions from the Government of Mozambique, to improve the quality of classroom teaching.  In addition to the core curriculum, the teachers being trained also receive instruction in how to deliver lessons in nutrition and hygiene.

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