A 250-Mile Drive to Donate to Planet Aid

On October 26, Planet Aid employees at our warehouse in Romulus, Michigan were greeted by an unexpected visitor. A young woman by the name of Sophie Gutermuth showed up to the warehouse with her dad and over 70 pounds of shoes. When asked where she was from, she said she drove from Bloomington, Indiana, which is over 250 miles from Romulus, and stopped in Angola, Indiana to pick up her dad.

We later spoke with Sophie to learn more on why she drove such a long distance to donate to Planet Aid and why she chose our organization in the first place. 

"I have a really hard time throwing things away. I like to reuse and recycle whatever I can. We have so much waste in this world that I hate the idea of adding to that. A few weeks ago, I found my self with a few pairs of my shoes that were really worn and that I couldn’t wear anymore - including my FAVORITE pink Mini Mouse crocs" (shown below).

"I didn’t want to just throw them away so I started doing some research on how and/or where I could possibly recycle them! I ran across Planet Aid and started reading about the organization. I loved that not only could all of my old and worn shoes and clothes be recycled, but they would also be sent to the people that needed them most.

"So, when I saw that the closest Planet Aid was in Michigan I decided the trip would be well worth it! I started gathering more shoes from friends and family and kept gathering them until the day I left for Romulus! Luckily, my dad lives in Northern Indiana, so I was able to visit him, and he made the trip to Planet Aid with me!

"I plan on taking another trip up there in November so I can take clothes as well as more shoes! I also think it would be so cool to be able to host a bin here in Bloomington one day! I was able to gather that many shoes in a few weeks, so I wouldn't imagine how many more I could if I had the opportunity to do that ALL year round - I could recycle that many more shoes/clothes, and help that may more people!"

Planet Aid is very thankful for Sophie and her generous donation. We look forward to working with her more in the future!

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