Planet Aid Partners with Duplin County Solid Waste

In a 2/28 article from the Duplin Times, Anne Hunter reports:

KENANSVILLE—A request from Bee Barnett, director of Duplin County Solid Waste and Recycling, to place clothing recycle bins at all collection sites in the county was approved unanimously at last week’s commissioners’ meeting.

Megan Atkins made the presentation along with Barnett. The  project is part of Planet Aid’s Recycling for Development Program.

Placing the clothing recycling bins at the solid waste collections sites will reduce the amount of clothing being placed in the garbage. The clothing will be donated to local organizations as well as sent out-of-country. There will be no cost or liability to the county for this service and if the county decides that it no longer wishes to participate in the program, the bins will be picked up.

“We will also accept clothing that is torn and stained,” Atkins stated. “We will use these items to recycle into fiber.”

“You would be surprised at the amount of clothing that is placed in the garbage that still has tags on them,” Barnette said.

Each recycle bin will have information on how to obtain a receipt for items donated from Planet Aid. Items that will be accepted are clean clothing and linens, shoes, small toys and stuffed animals, handbags and pocketbooks, shoes and books. Household items such as furniture, electrical or electronics items, automobile parts and batteries and bicycles are not accepted.

Planet Aid will provide a monthly tonage report. The report will help to show the county how it has saved on garbage costs.

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