20,000 Angolan Families Receive Clothing

Receiving a box of used clothing may not seem like much, but to people surviving on little more than a dollar a day it makes a significant difference. In many rural and remote areas of Angola, what little money people earn must go to necessities like food and shelter, and if there is enough left over, maybe medical care.

Recently through a grant provided by Planet Aid to ADPP Angola, 20,000 Angolan families in four provinces received much needed clothing. The $190,000 grant provided 420,000 pounds of clothing for adults and children in 13 municipalities in Huambo, Kwanza Norte, Malanje, and Uige provinces. The funds contributed to the costs of shipping and distributing clothing from May through August of this year.

Each of the recipients, which included extended families, the elderly, the unemployed, and subsistence farmers, received 30-35 pieces of climate-appropriate clothing. Assistance with the clothes distribution and overall coordination was provided by ADPP staff, community volunteers, and local government representatives.

Since 1986, ADPP has worked together with local communities and the Government of Angola to build a more unified, equitable, and just country where citizens can lead healthier and productive lives. ADPP works in 16 of the country's 18 provinces and directly engages more than 8,000 people in work or study on a daily basis. ADPP reaches hundreds of thousands of others through community-based projects in health, education and community development.