Planet Aid school partnerships raise funds and teach students about environmental sustainability.

Planet Aid’s non-binding school partnerships provide a passive fundraising stream and an opportunity to teach students about environmental sustainability. School partners host a Planet Aid clothing donation bin and raise funds for every pound donated. WE do all the work. YOU spread the word in your community. Together, we engage students with a real world strategy for zero waste and environmental sustainability!

We help you teach your students the importance of sustainability with free lesson plans and hands-on activities.

Planet Aid helps schools fundraise by contributing a portion of used clothes sales to the school or student programs. We do all the work, so there are no obligations or risks.

Planet Aid helps schools become a sustainability leader in the community. Textile recycling is a critical component of any zero waste goals.

380+ schools partner with us to reduce textile waste and promote environmental sustainability.


"Planet Aid’s impactful initiatives extend beyond sustainability, actively engaging with our local school community. It’s clear that they’re committed to reducing waste, educating students, and raising money for our schools!"

Felicia Bond

Assistant Principal at Clarksville Middle School in Maryland

Planet Aid’s school partnerships make it easy to raise funds and teach students and the community the importance of zero waste. Students get hands-on experience with a real world strategy to reuse textiles instead of throwing them away.
We’re eager to support our school partners! Let us know if we can help you resolve an issue. If you have any recommendations or unique requests, we want to hear from you! Planet Aid staff work hard to support schools to ensure they are satisfied with the partnership.