Planet Aid: Pioneering textile reuse to empower communities

Planet Aid diverts used textiles from U.S. landfills to fund locally-led community development.

Planet Aid pioneered textile reuse in the U.S. in 1997 to raise funds for community-led programs that promote education, health, and environmental and agricultural sustainability.

As a nonprofit organization, we support a second hand circular economy to reduce landfill waste and provide livelihoods for millions in the second hand clothing industry.

Over 25 years, we have diverted nearly 2 billion pounds of textiles from U.S. landfills and raised ~$100 million for community-led development.

Planet Aid’s employees are a diverse and united group of people bringing experience from operational, development, business and education sectors. We use our extensive expertise in project management, operations and advocacy across all our service areas to make a positive impact wherever we work.
Planet Aid provides opportunities to be part of exciting and meaningful projects and activities, working alongside a dedicated team. No matter which department you join, you'll play an important role in our mission to effectuate environmental sustainability and generate funds for community development worldwide.