Local governments partner with Planet Aid, a nonprofit leader among textile recycling organizations.

For more than 25 years, Planet Aid has partnered with local governments to reduce textile waste at no cost to the community. Join the 100+ local governments that partner with us to keep used clothes and shoes out of landfills while raising money for good causes. We help waste and recycling departments reach zero waste goals by increasing diversion rates. As a nonprofit textile recycling organization, Planet Aid works with local governments to increase and track textile diversion rates.

Partner with Planet Aid to reduce textile waste, increase diversion rates and engage the community.

Our textile donation bins help local governments working to increase diversion rates on the path to zero waste. There are no costs, risks, or obligations. Donated clothes and shoes are resold and reused, helping raise funds for good causes.

Planet Aid’s success is tied to the success of our partners. That’s why we track and report how many pounds of used clothes and shoes our partners help divert from the waste stream. Publicize your progress to mobilize support from your community.

We customize textile reuse programs to fit the unique needs of different communities. As a nonprofit dedicated to removing textiles from the waste stream, we are eager to address your community's unique needs to make our partnership successful.

Through our partnerships, Planet Aid has diverted 1.8 billion pounds of textiles from landfills.


"Hosting Planet Aid clothes collection bins located throughout our town has been very convenient for our residents. Recycling and reusing textiles is an important part of creating a sustainable waste stream."

Board of Health Agent in Bellingham, MA

Planet Aid is a critical partner for U.S. communities looking to increase diversion rates and reach zero waste goals. We install and service textile recycling bins at no cost to the community. We can help your community raise funds.

Planet Aid is committed to the success of our partnerships with local governments. Our exceptional customer service, responsiveness and attention to detail are just a few of the ways Planet Aid superior customer service. Contact us with any questions or to request support. We’re eager to help.