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Planet Aid maintains 10,000+ clothing donation bins in 17 states in the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. To find clothing donation bins near you, simply type your zip code in the search box. Your donation helps fund programs that strengthen communities around the globe.

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We accept these clean items in our donation bins: clothes; shoes; bedding; towels; curtains; sleeping bags; socks, underwear and bras. Items with minor tears, stains or imperfections may be donated.

We do not accept textiles that are tattered beyond repair, dirty, wet or moldy. We do not accept yarn, thread-bare items, spools of thread or similar cast-offs. We also do not accept toys, stuffed animals, furniture or electronics. Please do not dump these items in or around our bins.


We have 10,000+ donation bins in 17 U.S. states in the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, and Northeast.

Looking for used clothing donation bins near you? We make textile recycling convenient with 10,000+ bins in 17 states. Your Planet Aid donations help: reduce landfill waste; fuel a secondhand clothing industry that supports millions; reduce the need to manufacture new clothes and fund community development projects.