Textile recycling Kansas City: Find our donation bins in Kansas City, Topeka, Lawrence and St. Joseph.

Planet Aid’s textile recycling facility in Kansas City services the greater Kansas City metro area, stretching to Topeka and Lawrence in Kansas and from St. Joseph to Clinton in Missouri. Our Midwest location has an expansive presence in the bi-state area with more than 350 donation sites that collect more than five million pounds of used textiles every year.
Planet Aid’s Midwest facility is also an active community partner teaming with local colleges for recycling events and nonprofits to assist with area fundraisers. Contact us to schedule a consultation for starting a textile-recycling program with Planet Aid for your apartment building, church, school or in your community. Learn how partnership fundraising can fundraise for PTOs, schools, municipalities and other local organizations.

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Find clothing donation bins around Kansas City, Topeka, Lawrence, St. Joseph and Clinton.

We partner with municipalities, schools and businesses in the Kansas City area to divert used clothes from landfills and raise funds to strengthen communities. Help us reduce textile waste and support your community and communities abroad by donating today.

Request a clothing donation bin in the Kansas City area. Help us recycle textiles and fundraise.

Please contact us if you would like to host a bin or request a bin in your area. There are no costs, obligations or risks to host a bin. Planet Aid does all the work. Working together, we can keep more clothes out of landfills and raise funds for community development.