What’s the big deal about textiles Planet Aid?

The environment is sort of a HUGE thing with us at Planet Aid. Why? Well, it’s in our name, we’re big on aiding the planet, and the environment has a lot to do with the conditions and quality of living experienced by people around the world. Waste is a global problem and it will not get better unless we make a decision to do better. It’s not an overstatement to say that there are some who live amongst waste daily while many others experience the effects from the abundance of microplastics flooding our oceans or the chemicals that saturate the air and ground from textile production.

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Taking Action Against Climate Change

One of the largest observances in the world, Earth Day (April 22) is celebrated by over 1 billion people each year as a day of …

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Emergence of Earth Day

In the early 1960s, Americans were becoming more aware of the effects of pollution on the environment after Author Rachel Carson published &ld…

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Planet Aid celebrates six strong women for International Women’s Day 2021.