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Across the U.S., community landfills are running out of space. At the same time, U.S. residents throw out roughly 85% of their unwanted textiles. Partner with us to keep used clothes and shoes out of landfills. 


Planet Aid generates millions of dollars annually to support locally-led development programs which tackle the most pressing humanitarian, social and environmental challenges in Africa, Asia and the Americas.


Textile reuse helps reduce the need to manufacture new clothes which requires finite resources like water and contributes to pesticide and C02 pollution. Donated clothes are given a second life in a circular economy that supports millions of people.

For 25+ years, Planet Aid has partnered with small businesses, municipalities, schools, shopping centers and community organizations to reduce textile waste and fund community development. Our diverse partners share our goal to create a better, more equitable and sustainable future. There are no risks, obligations or costs to partner with Planet Aid. We do all the work! You, your community and the planet reap the benefits.
Over 25+ years, Planet Aid has built a legacy helping U.S. communities reduce textile waste and fundraise. Because we’re a nonprofit, the money we raise reselling used clothes and shoes helps fund social and environmental projects in the U.S., Latin America, Asia and Africa. Our dedicated team maintains and services donation bins and the surrounding areas costs-free. We aim to provide superior partner support so give us a call or email us any time with any requests or questions.
Local governments that partner with Planet Aid reap many benefits. We do all the work, leaving no costs, obligations or risks for partners. From installing donation bins to maintaining the bin and surrounding area and reporting diversion rates, Planet Aid invests significant resources to ensure municipalities are successful in reducing textile waste in landfills. Planet Aid can be a critical partner for any community looking to reduce landfill waste. Your success is our success!

We partner with the international development community to tackle the world’s development and humanitarian challenges. We also provide unique local perspectives to inform effective program design.

Partnering with Planet Aid is an easy and impactful way to make a positive difference in the world. We make it easy to engage and educate your community, decrease waste and raise funds for projects that change lives all over the world.

We serve 17 states with over 10,000 bins and donation centers, 8 warehouses and a fleet of trucks.

Our dedicated Planet Aid team tracks all of our bins and donation centers in the Midwest, Mid Atlantic and Northeast and services them as often as needed. We are proud of our 25+ year legacy of reclaiming clothes for reuse and reducing textile waste. We want to increase our impact, so partner with us today.