A Brighter Future for Primary Education

Planet Aid, teacher training, Mozambique, USDA

"My dream has always been to be a teacher. I always imagined myself in front of students giving a class and teaching about life. I hope that my career helps change the conditions in my country. After all, I'm not only interested in changing myself but also changing my country."
—Celia C., studied in Gaza, Mozambique





Training new primary school teachers is vital to the future of Mozambique. Recognizing the vital need for trained teachers in the country, Planet Aid and its implementing partner ADPP Mozambique trained more than 13,000 teachers as part of its Food for Knowledge project in Mozambique.



Planet Aid, teacher training, Mozambique, USDA
"On my first day of contact with primary school students I had an unforgettable thrill. There were 50 attentive children waiting to hear what I had to say and the supervisor with a notepad ready to evaluate. I started off uncertain and scared, but I got more relaxed, started making the class more interactive, and gained more support from children. It was an experience I will always remember."
—Virgínia F., studied in Gaza, Mozambique


"I chose to be a teacher because teaching is one of the most beautiful, most exciting, most rewarding professions there is. Getting to know the students, sharing knowledge, creating ties, seeing the development of the children and making it fun. I firmly believe in the possibility of social transformation through education."
—Imo F., studied in Nametil, Mozambique






Planet Aid, teacher training, Mozambique, USDA
" I was anxious when I first entered the classroom to teach. What should I say? What will I teach? So many children looking at me! What do they want? Then I started giving my first class. In front of me, over 50 small faces looking at me. I spoke to one, then to another. I began a conversation - and they answered me. That's when I started to love them. At that moment I forgot that I am a teacher. I'm just a human being willing to show the path to happiness for others. I have found my calling. It's not money or personal ambition that drags me to a classroom but love, an innate desire to share knowledge, to help other human beings."
—Eduardo C., studied in Chimoio, Mozambique