Planet Aid in "Life Inside Out"


Have you seen the award-winning film Life Inside Out? Director Jill D'Agnenica selected a Planet Aid bin to help create a pivotal moment in the film. Ms. D'Agnenica told us why the bin was important and why she selected Planet Aid:

The donation bin scene in Life Inside Out is our "The Fates Intervene" moment.

Laura stopped playing her guitar at 19, when her mother died. She decided to get rid of it because she never plays it, but (fates intervene here) it doesn't fit in the yellow bin. She winds up taking it back home, later taking the guitar out of the case and remembering her love for it--thus beginning her journey of reconnecting with songwriting and performing.

We were happy to find this Planet Aid bin on Eagle Rock Blvd. in northeast, Los Angeles and use it in our movie. I really appreciate the environmental and social mission of Planet Aid and was delighted to give the organization a subtle shout out in Life Inside Out.

In preparation for the scene, Maggie Baird and I collected bags and bags of used clothing to donate into the bin as we shot various takes. Our very real "props" from the movie wound up becoming part of the Planet Aid collection and recycling process!

Although it looks like Laura can't fit the guitar into the bin, in reality it would have fit just fine and actress Maggie Baird was holding on with all her might so that it wouldn't fall into the bin. (We needed that guitar for the rest of the movie!)

Kind regards,
Jill D'Agnenica, Director
Life Inside Out

Thank you Ms. D'Agnenica for including a Planet Aid bin in the film and for your donations!