Lindale Middle School's Annual Clothing Drive: A Testament to Empathy and Community Support

Lindale Middle School's annual clothing drive helps fundraise and teaches students about environmental sustainability

Planet Aid partner school Lindale Middle School in Linthicum Heights, Maryland strives to instill academic learning and character building in the heart of the Linthicum community. The school is taking significant strides in nurturing not only the minds but also the hearts of its students. This Earth Day, April 22, Lindale’s Level 1A language students embarked on an environmental action-based activity with Planet Aid.

Lindale Middle School Clothing Drive April 22-May

The first-year language learners have delved into the study of clothing and its cultural influences, and they are taking their lessons beyond textbooks to make a tangible impact on the community with a clothing drive.

Nea Davis, the school’s World Language Department Chair said, “We have worked with other organizations before, but this year we are partnering with Planet Aid to support our community.”

Bin-process-s400x400-1The clothing drive initiative aligns with Lindale Middle School’s mission to foster an environment brimming with enthusiasm, character, and empathy. By marketing their clothing drive in the languages they are learning, students apply their new skills in real-world contexts, creating print and digital advertisements to spread the word. Collecting used clothes and shoes for Planet Aid also helps the school fundraise for school programs.

Over the past two years, the drive has collected an impressive total of 4,994 articles of clothing. These efforts have not only aided those in need but have also enriched the students' educational experience, leadership capabilities, and sense of accomplishment through teamwork and community connection.

The drive will run until May 24, and the students and staff at Lindale Middle are aiming to exceed previous years' contributions. If you are in the area and would like to support Lindale Middle School’s clothing drive, drop a bag in their Planet Aid bin at 415 Andover Rd, Linthicum Heights, Maryland.