Amal Walks Across America Tour refugee shoe collection gets a second life with Planet Aid

Planet Aid attended the Amal Walks Across America Tour in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday, September 18. Little Amal is the internationally celebrated 12-foot puppet depicting a 10-year-old Syrian girl on a journey to raise awareness about displaced people around the world, especially those who have been separated from their families. Her journey across America is intended to dispel fears about refugees and migrants by inviting communities to learn more about their experiences.

Planet Aid and the Laboratory for Global Performance & Politics came together in a remarkable partnership during the tour's stop in the nation's capital to provide a second life for hundreds of shoes donated by refugees—many of whom are children. The donation symbolized a demonstration of hope and support, representing the stories of millions of children living as refugees worldwide.

Planet Aid staff was present to contribute to The Lab's efforts to ensure a sustainable future for all shoe donations given for the event. Volunteers and employees enthusiastically carried out the task of bagging and carrying the shoes near the truck.

Planet Aid Shoe Collection with the Lab at Little Amal tour

The results of this effort was nothing short of extraordinary. Hundreds of shoes—representing displaced families and individuals—will receive a new home via reuse, which benefits people and the planet.

Planet Aid is committed to exploring new avenues for environmental stewardship. Similar to our support of deserving sustainable programs, such as the PACE grant projects, Planet Aid and the Lab sent a powerful message about our responsibility to our environment and the positive impact we can create when organizations unite for a common cause.