Mohawk Area School District provided assistance to families and donated to Planet Aid with their back to school clothing drive

The Mohawk Area School District in New Castle, PA., recently organized a clothing drive to assist families in their school community who needed clothes for the upcoming year. The drive was organized by the "Warrior Pride Team", a group of staff members who promote and highlight areas that they believe every student should cultivate before graduating. These areas are

  • personal responsibility
  • respect
  • integrity
  • determination
  • enthusiasm

It's an acronymn for PRIDE.

Families in need were invited to come and select clothing on August 19, 20, and 23, and any leftover clothing was donated to Planet Aid. Students from the Health and Wellness Class participated in loading the bags of clothing onto the truck on August 25.

Collage of clothing drive picture from Mohawk area school district

In addition to the clothing drive, the Mohawk Area School District has made other efforts to "go green." They started a Senior High Conservation Club, which works on big Earth Day projects with elementary grades. Last year, the school collected bottle caps to make recycled tables for the courtyard. They collected enough bottle caps to make four tables this year. The school's commitment to sustainability and community involvement is commendable.

It's very likely Mohawk Area School District's commitment to sustainable behaviors will be an example for other school districts to follow.