As the holidays are quickly approaching you may still be scrambling around trying to find last minute gifts for those on your list.

Everyone has that one person or few people that are difficult to shop for — they have everything or they don't give you any suggestions, or maybe you're just looking for a unique gift.

Thrift stores are an excellent place to go for last minute or unique gifts because of the one-of-a-kind deals they offer. For example, in 2014, a couple in Asheville, N.C. found a West Point sweatshirt that belonged to Vince Lombardi. They purchased the sweater for $0.58, yes 58 cents, and were able to verify its authenticity after the purchase. You won't find that type of deal online or at the mall!

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Here are some ideas for the best holiday thrift finds:

Movies, Books, Records

Shopping for an old soul or grandparent? Thrift stores are the perfect place to find old movies, books, and records. These are another commodity that are often used a few times and then sit and take up space in someone's home so they're eventually brought to the thrift store. If you dig hard enough, you are sure to find a classic for that special person on your list. Not to mention, they will cost much less than going to a record store or your local bookstore.


Children's toys can be very expensive, especially at big name department stores and toy stores. In an online search for toy dolls it was revealed that most department and toy stores were charging anywhere from $20 to $50 depending on the type of doll and its features. If you have many children on your list to shop for, this could easily get expensive.

Since toys are the type of item to be used a few times and then forgotten about, thrift stores are often overflowing with them, therefore you're sure to find all types of toys for girls and boys of all ages.

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DIY Projects

If you're crafty, you can even make gifts or holiday decorations from items found at the thrift store. Some examples include, painting an old tea set to make it look brand new, using old scarfs or other fabrics to make throw pillows, making stockings out of thrift store sweaters, or even finding small trinkets to use as ornaments on your Christmas tree.


Jewelry is another unique item that can be found at thrift stores. What's even more special is that the jewelry you find at a thrift store is often custom or hand-made, making it an even more unique. If you have someone on your list that you want to buy jewelry, chances are they will appreciate the unique, custom jewelry more. You may also even find high quality jewelry that won't hurt your pockets like a jeweler would.


If you're shopping for the creative person on your list, artwork is definitely an option. Thrift stores are the perfect place to find unique artwork. It won't be as pricey as ordering online or at an art show and you are sure to find a unique piece.

Collector's Items

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Discontinued items that you can no longer purchase except on EBay for a price are also very popular items you can find while thrifting. This is a great idea for a collector. For example, you may find a bygone gaming system, discontinued video games, or sports memorabilia.

Obviously there are many other great gift ideas you can find while thrift shopping. Be sure to check out your local thrift store(s) before turning to the ever-so-boring gift cards and cash.

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