Amy Saves the Day

"My mother cleaned out several closets last week. She brought the clothes filled bags to the Planet Aid container located on Community Rd., Billerica, MA. After depositing the clothes, she was talking with her oldest daughter, not me, on the telephone, about how happy she was to rid herself of the closet clutter. My sister proceeded to inform her that several items she "got rid of" were very expensive suits! Well, my mother, close to tears, drove down the street to find out how she could gain entrance into the bin. The #800 was her only hope of retrieval.

Monday, June 5, my mother called Planet Aid first thing in the morning and talked with someone on the telephone. My mother shared her dilemma and was initially told that the pickup person would be notified that there was an issue with a donated item within the container and that the driver would call her to rectify the situation. Pickup was scheduled for the next day, but no specific time was given. My mother agreed that that was her only option. During the conversation, my mom shared that she would most likely have to take the day off from work as a hostess at the local Marriott Hotel because she didn't want to miss the drivers call. The call ended with my mom patiently waiting for the day to end so that she could fix the problem she created with the suits! Well, she didn't have to wait long! A woman by the name Amy called her back within a very short period of time saying that she would meet her at the container in an hour. My mother was thrilled! Amy did just that. She showed up in Billerica, opened the bin and tore through the donated items to get to the bag of suits. All was well in my Mothers world :)

Amy was patient and kind to my mother. My mom offered her cash for her time and trouble, but she declined. My mother instead asked her to take the cash as a donation to Planet Aid. Amy also declined that offer, saying cash donations were not accepted. Amy thanked her for her donation to Planet Aid and was on her way.

I want to recognize Amy for going above and beyond her normal daily routine to help out a woman who was clearly stressed about a situation. In this day and age, you very seldom hear about the good in people and I wanted to share this story so that you are aware of the very valuable employee you have in Amy."

- Beverly Hanafin