Today is World Aids Day, the international annual movement to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS and promote prevention and the search for a cure. Since 1987, December 1st has marked World Aids Day and the President of the United States has made a proclamation on this day since 1995.

"On this World AIDS Day, as we approach the thirtieth year of the
HIV/AIDS pandemic, we reflect on the many Americans and others around
the globe lost to this devastating disease, and pledge our support to
the 33 million people worldwide who live with HIV/AIDS. We also
recommit to building on the great strides made in fighting HIV, to
preventing the spread of the disease, to continuing our efforts to
combat stigma and discrimination, and to finding a cure."

—President Barack Obama

Planet Aid is a strong supporter of increasing HIV/AIDS awareness through the Total Control of the Epidemic (TCE) program. TCE is based on the premise that individual action—in addition to the work of governments and civic organizations—is key to reducing the spread of HIV. The program systematically mobilizes individuals en masse with a door-to-door campaign that encourages lifestyle changes and preventative behavior. Planet Aid has been supporting the TCE program in Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, India, and China. For more information download one of the TCE reports available in our document library.