Check Out the New Planet Aid Post Online!

The latest edition of the Planet Aid Post is now available and this issue focuses on the most pressing environmental issue of our time: climate change.  This year, Hurricane Sandy amplified concerns about climate change, but the question remains - what can we do to stop global warming? 

The lead article, "Why Planting Trees is Cool" covers a range of related issues, from the difference in carbon absorption capacity between young and old trees to how farmers in developing countries have been increasing food production using agroforestry techniques.

Other articles include, "The New Red Dawn," and "The Global Politics of CO2."  In these, we discuss the severity of climate change, draw attention to an important initiative in the U.S. for reducing CO2 emissions, and ask whether developing nations should do more to mitigate impacts among poorer nations. 

With the publication of the new Post, we also launch a campaign on our website, the "Low Carbon Challenge," to encourage and educate the public to reduce their carbon footprint.  Sign the Pledge!

In other sections of the Post we provide news and updates from our 21-state service areas, highlight special projects that we support -- including the opening of a new teacher-training college in Malawi - and offer a glimpse into the wide wonderful world of secondhand clothing.

Since our inception in 1997, Planet Aid's recycling program has saved more than 800 million pounds of clothing from wasteful disposal, thus preventing more than 1.5 million tons of greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere.

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