All About Education in the Latest Post

Planet Aid, teacher training, DNS, angolaThe latest edition of the Planet Aid Post is now available!  This special issue focuses on education.  The lead article, "We All Deserve the Opportunity to Learn" discusses what the global community must do to educate the 57 million primary-school-age children who are not in school.  Many of these children are in rural under-served areas where resources are scarce. 

These children require a special kind of person to guide and educate them, while also mobilizing parents and the community to support education.  You can read more about what qualities a teacher in these rural communities must possess in "Training Another Kind of Teacher."

In other sections of the Post we provide news and updates from our 21-state service areas, highlight special projects that we support—including an exciting new project in Mozambique that is helping school kids—and reflect on why the developed world needs to rethink its fast fashion ways.