2016 Commencement at OWU in Mozambique

One Word University in Mozambique recently celebrated the commencement of 77 new graduates.  The ceremony was held at the Changalane campus, and the esteemed President of Mozambique, Filipe Jacinto Nyusi, delivered the commencement speech.

President Nyusi congratulated the students on their accomplishment, emphasizing how their hard work and dedication are an inspiration and will help Mozambique to grow and develop. "This ceremony is not only a graduation," he said, "but above all an example of will and persistence."  

OWU offers two majors: Pedagogy and Community Development.  The Pedagogy program trains students to be effective teachers and community mobilizers. Graduates are prepared to teach at the primary and secondary school levels or to train other future teachers. The Community Development program is designed to shape new leaders in the fight against poverty. During the program, students acquire practical knowledge and skills in the classroom and then go out into neighboring rural communities to apply what they've learned. (Read how OWU students have been helping combat climate change in the local community.)

"The courses from which students graduated today are very important and fundamental in society at a time when Mozambique is seeking to free itself from hunger and needs more clean drinking water and more electricity to develop the rural areas."  —President Filipe Jacinto Nyusi

The new 2016 graduates are comprised of 39 Pedagogy and 38 Community Development majors. One World University is operated by ADPP Mozambique and is supported by donations from Planet Aid.

Listen to students from OWU talk about their experiences at the University in two new videos available here.