New Teachers for a New Year


"We have now become teachers - teachers engaged in our work. Our journey has only begun!"

— Dionísio Guidione, a graduate teacher, Maputo, Mozambique

The new year holds special promise for the 1,320 teachers that recently graduated from the Planet Aid-sponsored ADPP Mozambique teacher-training colleges. Commencement ceremonies were held at 11 campuses (see map below) in December, representing a climactic finale for students completing either the three-year or one-year programs.

In her commencement speech on the Maputo campus, Claudina Cassamo, Permanent Secretary of the Mozambique Ministry of Education, stated: "ADPP Mozambique has assumed with great responsibility the confidence given to it by the Ministry of Education."

Following Ms. Cassamo's speech, the Provincial Director of Education and Culture of Maputo, Mr. Lucas Paulo Fernandes, applauded the ability of the program to prepare teachers to work in underserved areas: "The great merit of the institution is to train qualified teachers prepared for working in the rural communities."

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Since 1993, ADPP Mozambique (with support from Planet Aid) has graduated more than 14,000 primary school teachers, helping to revitalize rural education in the country.  Read more about our unique teacher-training program and find out about the other initiatives we support in Mozambique.