Vifeet Partners With Planet Aid

Planet Aid is pleased to announce a new partnership with Vifeet, a French company whose aim is to revolutionize orthopedic footwear with designs more adapted to various lifestyles. Vifeet generously reached out to Planet Aid to request if they could send us all of their customer returns. With an average of three to four returns per week, that would be 156 to 208 pairs of shoes donated per year.

"We want you [Planet Aid] to collect all our customer returns so that you can recycle the shoes to protect the environment and support projects that improve the health of poor communities. We help people feel better throughout their day [through] the comfort and lightness of shoes, [which] help people with foot problems, diabetes, back pain, knee problems, etc.," said a representative of Vifeet. "We don't want our shoes to be thrown away or stored and abandoned. We want our shoe returns to be in good hands and to help people."

From near brand-new Vifeet returns to tired running shoes, Planet Aid accepts donations of all footwear via thousands of yellow collection bins throughout the U.S., its thrift store in Rockville, Md., and via Give Back Box. Even shoes with stains, frays, or minor tears are accepted and will mean a lot to someone in the third world who may have never before owned a pair of shoes.