Planet Aid Delivers Personal “Thank You” Over the Holidays

In the Spirit of Gratitude

Between Christmas and New Year’s Eve Planet Aid employees hit the streets to individually thank 2,800 business owners and community representatives for hosting Planet Aid donation bins at their respective locations. In the process, Planet Aid staffers logged thousands of miles to visit inner city, suburban, and rural Planet Aid bin sites in 22 states. Of Planet Aid’s 13,000 site hosts, many include small businesses, major department and grocery stores, fuel stations, mini-marts, shopping centers, as well as churches, schools, and local civic/community centers.

Planet Aid Post Debuts

To help spread the word about Planet Aid’s clothing recycling program and its international aid mission, each site host also received copies of the recently published Planet Aid Post to share with their employees and customers. In total, more than 50,000 copies of the Planet Aid Post were distributed. The inaugural issue of the Post contains informative and educational news about recycling and its environmental impact, the global textile trade, and specific examples of how Planet Aid has made a difference in impoverished areas around the globe. View or download a copy of the Planet Aid Post at

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