Podcast Recap-The Crucial Role of the International Cotton Advisory Committee

In this episode of Sustainable Solutions with Planet Aid, Planet Aid Content Specialist Monica Johnson interviews Kanwar Usman, head of textiles at the International Cotton Advisory Committee (ICAC). They discuss the role of cotton and textiles in global trade, the work of the ICAC, and the importance of sustainability in the industry. Read on for the conversation highlights, or listen to the full podcast on platforms like Apple, SpotifyYouTube, or here on the Planet Aid website.

the only United Nations-recognised intergovernmental commodity body representing cotton, the ICAC plays a central role in the global promotion of cotton. (1)

Kanwar explains the concept of country profiling and the creation of a business-to-business portal to connect small and medium enterprises in the textiles value chain. He also highlights the need for a research forum and regional research networks to bridge the gap between developed and developing economies. The conversation concludes with a discussion on the stagnation of cotton consumption and the goals of the ICAC moving forward.

Later in the conversation, they explore the complexity of cotton production, the impact of cotton farming on underdeveloped countries, and the importance of cotton in the textile industry. The show continues by highlighting some of the challenges farmers and ginners face in different parts of the world and the benefits of cotton's biodegradability for manufacturers.


Episode 9 also touches on the role of information and trade facilitation in increasing cotton trade and the ever-increasing conceptualization and implementation of extended producer responsibility.  Johnson asks about regenerative agriculture's part in the international production of cotton.  Usman replies by saying that regenerative agriculture practices have the potential to improve sustainability in cotton farming, but cost and implementation remain important considerations. The conversation about the topic concludes with a discussion on regenerative agriculture practices and the potential of carbon credits in promoting sustainable cotton.

Planet Aid Communications Manager, Haley Chitty chimes in asking if you can have sustainable practices that also boost yields and increase production. Usman laughed because the topic is such a worldwide debate. He goes on to fully explain the argument and the counterargument for the countries.


The podcast also dives into the work the ICAC does in supporting small farmers and increasing their output. Usman talks about the importance of improving farming practices and addressing disparities in yields. He also highlights the ICAC's contribution to the sustainable goals of the UN and the organization's focus on sustainability scoring in textiles. He mentions the challenges and investment required in the textile industry and the importance of the industry's commitment to sustainability.

Watch the full episode of Sustainable Solutions with Planet Aid, featuring Kanwar Usman, and stay tuned for our monthly podcast with other sustainable leaders.

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