Saving 100 Million Pounds of Clothing

Planet Aid collects approximately 100 million pounds of used clothing and shoes every year. That means that every year 100 million pounds of clothing (or about 540,000 cubic yards) are diverted from a path that leads straight to the landfill.

Our partnerships with local businesses, schools, and other organizations enable us to place bins in convenient neighborhood locations, making it easier to recycle rather than dispose of clothing. Our strategy is based on research that shows that people are more likely to recycle if it is convenient for them to do so.

It takes a coordinated team effort of many individuals to move 100 million pounds of clothing from bin, to operations center, to shipping port. Every day our drivers are busy attending to the 19,000+ bins that comprise our network.

Find out more about what happens to used clothing by watching this behind-the-scenes video of a Planet Aid operations center, and read our blog "What Happens to Your Used Clothing."