Taking Action Against Climate Change

One of the largest observances in the world, Earth Day (April 22) is celebrated by over 1 billion people each year as a day of action to inspire change in destructive human behavior and in policies at the global, national, and local levels. "Earth Day is not just a matter of recycling and saving energy. It is a call for all people to save the planet for our children and their children," said Fred Olsson, President and CEO of Planet Aid. "The consequences of global warming are real. Action is needed to curb climate change."

Part of Planet Aid's mission is to protect the environment through collection and recycling of used clothing. Reusing clothing and reducing the need for manufacturing new clothes is an easy way to combat the heavily polluting fashion industry, which uses large input of fossil fuel, water, fertilizer, and pesticides to produce clothing fibers. On average, Planet Aid collects and recycles 80 to 100 million pounds of clothes and shoes every year.

With thousands of yellow clothing donation bins throughout more than a dozen states and Washington, D.C., Planet Aid provides an opportunity for people to be an active environmental steward. Today, many Millennials and Gen Zers rely on the Internet and social media for solutions. While these conversations globally raise awareness about climate change with powerful pictures and statements, digital platforms alone are simply not enough to put destruction in reverse.

Climate change is not just a problem for governments, leaders, and CEOs - the responsibility is placed on all of us and, as such, we are all compelled to act beyond tapping "love," "like," "angry face," or "share." Get involved with your community by attending city hall meetings, writing legislators, and voicing your concerns. Many cost-effective and convenient resources - like reusable shopping bags, metal straws, recycling centers and pick-ups, and ride sharing options - are available to us every day of the year. For short commutes to work, school, and shops, consider walking or riding your bike instead of driving. Even if you can't do all of these, the smallest actions can still have a large impact.

As consumers, we have the power to show what matters to us. When making purchases, research and support ethical and sustainable businesses, and mind the value of buying organic, local, and secondhand.

Have you thought about what actions you will take against climate change this Earth Day? One great, easy way you can help is by dropping your used clothing and shoes in one of our yellow bins or ship them directly to us through Give Back Box.