The Planet Aid Way

When Planet Aid was started, the idea was simple; there is an enormous disparity between the wealth we have in America and the extreme poverty in the developing world. Our organization began as a response to these grave inequalities, to support fights against hunger, poverty, illiteracy and environmental degradation in sub-Saharan Africa.

The projects we support have a strong educational component; we believe that in order to be successful in creating development, people must have the capacity to improve their own lives. We strongly believe that the fishing pole and the knowledge necessary to use it are more beneficial in the long-term than the fish itself.

From the beginning, our focus has been on supporting sustainable projects aimed at creating long-term improvements for the individuals and families involved. The projects we support work to secure improved health through sanitation efforts, secure clean water, lessen the effects of HIV/AIDS malaria through education and provide qualified, compassionate teachers for rural areas.

Since the programs we support are focused upon education and capacity building, we are very proud of our partner's efforts to train teachers. The teachers who graduate from schools supported by Planet Aid are uniquely qualified to work in rural areas of Africa and inspire young people to be part of building a better future. The graduates from these schools also learn to assume a leadership role in the communities where they work and serve as catalysts for change.

The Planet Aid model is unique; we have envisioned a way to turn the excess from the US into life-changing capacity building programs in the developing world. By collecting and selling used clothing and shoes, Planet Aid is able to have a positive impact on the environment by keeping over 100 million pounds of clothes and shoes out of landfills each year. At the same time, the sale of these clothes overseas provides affordable clothing to those in need, while also generating the funds that Planet Aid uses to support critical aid programs in the developing world.

At Planet Aid we've created a simple way for you to help improve the lives of people in need worldwide. You keep on donating your used clothing and shoes, and we'll keep on supporting programs that make a positive difference for some of the world's neediest people, the Planet Aid way.