This Year's Fall Fashion Is All About Comfort And Utility

What is a telltale sign that fall is here? Well, of course, the days are getting shorter and the air is getting crisper. But look around. Notice that those pastels, which lingered through September and early October are increasingly fading away, and rich warm colors are making their quarterly comeback.

There is a famous quote that says art imitates life, but did you know that Oscar Wilde countered, saying, "Life imitates art far more than art imitates life." He might be right! After all, as the rusty orange and deep cranberry leaves make their first and final pirouette to the ground, we acknowledge the season's hues by pulling them out of their closet hibernation.

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It's a telltale sign to settle into the colorful warmth of it all and bring out those plush luxuriant sweaters. It's a permission slip to snuggle into our cozy cardigans. It's a consent form to slide into those leather lace-up boots.

Woman in oversized sweater

You can also tell when fall is here because your outerwear changes. This year, puffer jackets are popular. In particular, Amazon is selling a lightweight version that is trending with TikTokers. However, the fashion website isn't too pumped about the puffers. They say "big welcoming coats" of any texture or style are the way to go. The site also highlights comeback trends like oversized button-up shirts, khaki colors, and comfy cargos. They call it a "utilitarian vibe."

Don't think we forgot about the shoes and boots.They seal up the entire look. It's time to get nostalgic! Refinery29 says Mary Jane's are back in a big way! They also point to other throwbacks like platforms and slouchy boots —both with elevated heels. Last but not least, chunky loafers have been trending throughout the year and continue to hold buyers' attention.

So, here's the part where we get all "thrift store" on you. Did you know it was coming? Just make a mental note that fashion advice is not Gospel. It is entirely possible to shop for less by thrifting your style. Incorporate the new trends but keep in mind that your local thrift store/vintage shop has pieces that will cost less, be sustainable and uniquely suit you.