What You Never Knew About Recycling

America Recycles Day (also known as National Recycling Day) is celebrated each year on November 15. Recycling is the responsible thing to do; however, it is also necessary to learn how to recycle correctly. There are different rules per location, but there are still basic things we can keep in mind.

Recycling programs and facilities urge you to forego using a plastic bag when recycling your papers/plastics. According to Residential Waste Service, a trash removal and recycling service, "When the bags get stuck, it causes the machine to jam and stop working. This obviously slows down the process" Loose bags can damage machinery, which means recycling programs will not only have to shell out funds for repairs but also to manually sort recyclables.

Many recycling programs provide a recycling cart with an attached lid while others offer easily accessible bins around the community. Make sure to put your recyclables directly in the cart or bin without plastic bags. It is also best not to overfill the cart/bin so the recyclables do not become litter.

Finally, take note of what you are recycling. Not everything that is thrown into the recycling bin is accepted by your local recycling center. Check out the list below to see what can go directly into the trash and what can be recycled or donated elsewhere.

5 Items That Should Never Go in Recycling Bins