Celebrating World Health Day

World Health Day, celebrated on April 7, was started and is hosted by the World Health Organization (WHO). This year, the focus is on the need for universal health care coverage.

WHO believes that health care is a right for all people, whether they live in Canada or in Zimbabwe, and that it should be readily available in their community. While health care is getting better around the globe, there are still many people without access to quality and affordable health care. No one should have to choose between health treatment and food for their family.

Planet Aid is helping individuals access care for rampant, yet treatable, diseases (like tuberculosis, diabetes, and HIV/AIDS) through our Total Control of the Epidemic (TCE), HOPE, and community-based diabetes detection programs.

These programs work in rural and urban areas to help prevent the spread of diseases by helping people determine whther they are infected or otherwise afflicted and to facilitate their access to treatment.

Learn more about our health programs and other ways we support those in developing countries on our What We Do page, and join us in helping them by donating your unwanted textiles in a big yellow bin.