Wonderful Staff at Milford

I am writing to you because I want to take the time to point out what an amazing staff you have at the Milford MA location. My name is Diana Fowler and I recently dropped a bag off at my local Plant Aid drop-box, in Middleboro MA, and realized that I had misplaced some valuables while cleaning and they ended up in the donated bag. Once I had noticed the mistake that I had made, I immediately was able to make contact with the company and got directed to Keith Gregory. He was able to hold the truck for me and luckily I was able to go thru the bags and found what I had misplaced. Keith, along with Mino, Sebastian, and Gary were very helpful and pleasant in helping me resolving my problem. I was in a bit of a panic and they were nothing but nice, calm, and did everything that they could to help me. I really appreciate Plant Aid and their employees and just wanted to give them some recognition for their thoughtfulness. Thank you again!

-Diana Fowler