A Grateful Donor

I want to thank the people at Planet Aid for all of their assistance and kindness. Recently my father passed away and I was cleaning out his closets and drawers to donate (clothes). I did not realize that my father had hidden some money inside one of his sweaters. After I placed the bags of clothes in the bin, my mom informed me that there was a significant amount of money in that donation. I called Planet Aid in hopes that I might be able to retrieve the bag of clothes.

The woman I spoke to was very understanding and said I could meet the driver when he arrived to pick up the donations. A few days after our conversation, I received a phone call that the driver had already picked up the bags. The people at the office picked through 20 or more bags that came out of that bin until they found some envelopes inside the sweater I had described to them. When they found it, I thought that I would have to come pick it up at the office. To my surprise, they said that I could meet Mr. Kaplan at the site of the donation. He was so kind to drive an hour or more out of his way to deliver it to me. I am so grateful for their honesty and generosity.

-Allison Kofke