Planet Aid Donates Coats During IBERO Event

Planet Aid has successfully partnered with the IBERO Bry Mentoring Program and the United Way Latino Leadership Development class of 2014 to donate coats to over 240 men, women, and children in need. The event, which took place in Rochester, New York on January 10th, invited organizations and people from the community to select from hundreds of available coats which were donated by the public.

Ida Pérez, Director of the Ibero Children & Youth Services Division, said of the event: "As I walked around and watched and listened to folks going through the coats, I felt an overwhelming sense of joy knowing that so many people needed coats and it was us who were able to provide them with one. It was such a diverse group and everyone expressed their gratitude as they left. This event was a total success!!!!"

Check out photos from the event below!