Early Childhood Development

"I’ve seen a change in my daughter since she started at the school. She really likes to play. When she comes home from school she spends hours thinking about what she wrote in school, or she says to me, “Mom, the teachers gave us homework! I want to do my homework!”

- Selia Arnaldo Cumbane, mother of Catarina, a student at the Chinonanquila preschool

Early childhood is the most crucial period of development in a human life.  It is a time when the brain is forming rapidly. Studies show that half of a person’s intelligence potential is formed by age four! 

The children of Mozambique are bright and hopeful. We want to give them the chance at making a better life.

Planet Aid is responding to the call to help the children of Mozambique by supporting the 70 Preschools Project. This initiative is establishing 70 new preschools and providing community-based Early Childhood Development services. In just the past year, the project has built 23 new schools and has started providing needed services to local communities.

Chinonanquila Preschool is one of the preschools in southern Mozambique that is being built with support from Planet Aid. The building is not completed yet but the school is already open and operating. Chinonanquila still needs some basic items, including desks, tables, and teaching materials. (View images from Chinonanquila by clicking here.)

Will you give a gift today that could help young people in Mozambique get the head start on school that they need?

Here is how your donation can help:

$25:     Art supply materials such as paper, coloring implements such as brushes and crayons, clay, glue and scissors.  
$50:     Set of musical instruments for the classroom, such as drums, bells, and other small sound makers.
$100:   Set of classroom toys and materials.
$250:   Materials for starting a classroom income generating animal production project.

Of course, you don't have to wait!  You can help the children of Mozambique now with a tax deductible donation.