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Planet Aid brings the commercial and charitable sectors together through its recycling program!

How does it work?

  1. We propose the locations for our Donation Centers or Yellow Bins.
  2. We work together to carry out the site visits and agree on the terms of the lease.
  3. Our staff installs the Donation Center or Yellow Bins, including all monitoring devices.
  4. Customers donate their used clothing, shoes and textiles.
  5. Our 24/7 cameras monitor the inside as well as the outside of the Donation Center.
  6. Our site attendant visits the location once a day to monitor all donations.
  7. Our transportation department services the Donation Center or Yellow Bins as frequently as needed.
  8. Our joint partnership will offer an accessible clothing and textile recycling opportunity for the customers.
  9. Together we can continue towards a more sustainable future.

Generate Additional Revenue

When you lease your outdoor space for a Planet Aid Donation Center or clothes collection bin, you can generate additional revenue for your retail properties.

Building a sustainable future

According to the EPA, more than 84% of all clothes, shoes and textiles end up in landfills or incinerators. Planet Aid's clothes collections do not only help reduce CO2 emmisions but will also save millions of gallons of water.

Strenghtening communities

Planet Aid is your charity of choice, our mission is to strenghten communities by empowering people. We do so by supporting cancer research, food pantries, homeless shelters, libraries and schools in the United States.

Funds raised by Planet Aid also support education, health and community development projects in Africa, India and Latin America.

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