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Planet Aid is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that collects and recycles used clothes and shoes and supports international development projects. Our clothes collection boxes can be found across many major metropolitan areas of the United States, helping to save resources and lessen environmental impacts by reducing waste. Planet Aid supports community-based projects that improve health, increase income, aid vulnerable children, train teachers, and enhance the overall quality of life for people across the globe.

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 The Four C’s About Trees picture

The Four C’s About Trees

We all know that trees are important.  Trees produce oxygen, which we need to survive.  Beyond this basic truth, however, trees help sustain life on the planet in many other ways.  We summarize some of these benefits below in “... Read more

Do Cities Need Help Recycling? picture

Do Cities Need Help Recycling?

 Are cities sending too much trash to landfills?  Some of America’s major corporations seem to think so.  Recently, nine U.S. companies banded together to provide $100 million in zero-interest loans to finance local projects t... Read more

Living Below the Line picture

Living Below the Line

A Planet Aid MIT takes the Global Poverty Project's "Live Below the Line Challenge".