A Philanthropic Staycation

The world changes for the better one neighbor, one community at a time - it can start with you contacting your local Planet Aid this MLK Day of Service.

From the perspective of a typical 9-5 American, the third Monday in January (MLK Day) is a welcome reprieve during one of the bleakest months in the dead of winter. The holidays have long been wrapped up and put away, and it's essentially nose to the grindstone until spring break. But MLK Day, Jan. 18, 2021, is anything but a mere bright spot on the calendar to mark a three-day weekend. The only federal holiday designated as a national day of service, MLK Day is an opportunity for all Americans to volunteer to improve their communities. Think of it as a philanthropic staycation.

Organize a Clothing Drive

Planet Aid offers several ways to help you connect with your neighbors or co-workers to serve those who are in most need in your community. We've long assisted schools, companies, civic organizations, youth groups, and others with clothing drives that raise funds for a variety of causes. Typically, for every pound of clothing received during the drive, Planet Aid will donate a set amount of money to an initiative of the organizer's choice. Sometimes, companies will turn the drives into a competition that incentivizes employees to clear their closets of garments they no longer wear and dispose of them in an eco-conscious, charitable way. Contact your local Planet Aid today to organize a drive in your area.

Pack, Label, & Drop: A Unique Way to Donate

Another option for your MLK Day of Service is to donate via Give Back Box, a service with which Planet Aid has partnered. Last year, as more items were delivered to your home due to the pandemic, you've likely built quite the fortress of cardboard boxes in your basement or storage area. With Give Back Box and Planet Aid, you can donate your unwanted household items such as gently used clothing, shoes, etc., to make a difference in the life of another person. Just pack your items (up to 70 pounds) in a cardboard box, purchase and print this shipping label, and drop off at a UPS or the United States Postal Service. Your donation will land at the Planet Aid Thrift Store in Rockville, Md., to support humanitarian projects and the environment.